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We embarked on the path to an open company. Our people take responsibility in their own hands and they are given a chance to express themselves in return. We find enjoyment in the things we do.

Ten reasons to do business with us


Your data is well protected, we strictly follow the legislation concerning privacy. We meet our liabilities in time which is mirrored in our excellent SME rating.

Data quality

We guarantee top data quality and this we can prove. We have pioneered quality checks and controls on an industry-wide scale. There is no way to do quality research without good data.


For a job well-done we need to know the research objectives, its purpose and the audience. We listen closely to our clients, we ask and are not afraid to point out the things we consider faulty or insufficient.


Research with STEM/MARK means full control over the process of data collection, data handling and results at any stage.


We work efficiently and we do meet the deadlines. A research project can take a day or an entire month, but not a minute longer than necessary.


We are fully aware that every research project is unique. And so our market research is customized to meet specific needs and requirements of our clients.


Since the foundation of the company in 1994 we worked on thousands of research projects. Whatever the field you are in, be sure to find a experienced counterpart in STEM/MARK.


We keep up with the latest advances abroad. Behavioural methods, strong developments in online research and our own innovations department.


We stick to what we promise. Whenever we have doubts about feasibility, you are the first to learn.

Social Responsibility

We think of the less fortunate. STEM/MARK ranks regularly in the Top 10 of “Top Responsible Company in the Category: The most generous corporate donor

Our focus


Our areas of focus are prints, television and radio. STEM/MARK happens to be the only agency repeatedly trusted in administration of all three one currency nation-wide surveys in the above mentioned areas. Above that we regularly conduct ad-hoc projects for individual research buyers. Thanks to outstanding online research capacities, we are currently seeing a growing number of projects focusing on online media consumption.


Pavel Stejskal


Travel research

Our clients include CzechTourism, Ministry of Local Development, individual regions, towns and cities as well as, e.g., UNESCO, foreign tourist regions or travel agents. We deal not only with incoming and outgoing but also regional travel and tourism. We collect interviews all across the Czech Republic and abroad. Based on the data, we frequently formulate short- or medium-term strategies for travel and tourism development.


Jan Tuček


Pharmaceutical research

We conduct surveys largely for pharmaceuticals companies in the area of prescription treatments and drugs, OTC products and food supplements. Several our projects even aimed at the area of dental and veterinary medicine. Another group of clients include Ministerstvo zdravotnictví (Ministry of Health Care), professional medical societies, health insurance companies and hospitals. These surveys typically look into prevalence of certain diseases and disorders, quality of care, quality of education and level of awareness regarding prevention and treatment for certain diseases and disorders.



The key accounts in this area are banks, insurance companies and betting offices. We specialize in measuring customer satisfaction and experience. For these to improve we help to optimize products and services. A large body of our research is also done for institutions such as the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Czech National Bank or University of Economics – our typical projects here concern the area of financial literacy.


Petr Gajdušek


Services & FMCG

STEM/MARK has a proven record in the ICT and Telco. We gather thousands of interviews each month to satisfy the high demands of our clients among mobile providers. Another important area involves FMCG & Retail surveys and research focused on air transport. The most frequent topic in all these fields is customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Petr Zvára (ICT)
Ivana Valentová (FMCG)


Public sector research

We carry out survey for central authorities – ministries, sectoral professional units, schools, local governments´ offices or non-profit organizations. The usual topics we deal with are marketing in the public administration, perception of authorities and their activities, citizen versus official, needs of citizens and level of communication with the public administration, usage of ICT, reflection of changes and reforms in the public administration.


Jan Tuček

Research services

Some of our assignments look a lot like the ones in the four categories below. A substantial share of our work, however, is custom research. We are used to finding solutions and carving our own path to a successful end.

Finding out about the customer

We usually look into what customers want, what they actually look like and how happy they are with what they getting. We aim to find out market potential, satisfaction of customers, their profile, loyalty and retention. Subsequently, we establish the segmentation of customers to help, among others, define at whom to target advertising and promotion for a product or service.

Market potential

determines the size of the potential market and the size of the target groups. Can be researched by a simple survey or by the means of more sophisticated tools such as conjoint analysis which especially useful in finding a product potential.

Consumer sentiment

also defined as consumer confidence is a simple index that sucessfuly predicts future development in the economy.

Consumer satisfaction

a crucial part of customer experience measures that is most often combined with measures of loyalty and actual experiences on touchpoints.

Net promoter score

a widely-used tool for the measure of customer loyalty.

Retention / Conversion

tells you the ratio of new customers to the regular customers or in some cases also the ratio of visitors to actual buyers.


based on several algorithms, we divide your customer base into segments which can then be targeted in campaign.


Finding out about the product

These surveys are common in markets where close product substitutes exist – banking, telecommunications or retail. Clients often want to know what parameters of their products or services are perceived by the consumers as the most useful or beneficial and what makes them stand out in the market. Identification of these parameters allows our clients to communicate them in the campaign that follows. To distil these core parameters we use sophisticated techniques such as conjoint analysis, discrimination and consistency analysis or emotion measurements via colour tests. The price being often the principal parameter, STEM/MARK offers a range of pricing tests depending on the context and competition your product faces.

Price sensitivity

the price remains the decisive criterion on the Czech market. We offer a number of proven methods such as conjoint analysis or the van Westendorp method.

BPTO (Brand-Price Tradeoff)

a special case of conjoint analysis where the brand (often also package size) as such is confronted with different price levels.

Attribute tracking

a method of calculating the relative importance of product attributes. The outcomes include a perception map of these attributes and a importance model that predicts the result of attribute

Conjoint analysis

a more sophisitcated approach to the question of „what parameters are truly important“. Presents the respondent with a number of product variants and as the respondent states her preferences, the conjoint engine calculates individual utility levels for each parameter. The method is an adaptive one leading to a more accurate estimate and more differentiation among parameter levels.

Product optimalization

a wonderful opportunity to see the strengths of conjoint-based methods such as ACBC, MaxDiff or SIMALTO. The respondent is presented with a series of product variants and usually picks the one she likes the most. This choice then determines her utility levels and links them to the individual parameters. The aggregated data then show you the way towards the ideal product for different segments or even individual customers. SIMALTO is used to optimize the service levels and is highly popular among city boards, regulators and clients who manage complex portfolios.

Consistency analysis

is our own invention that helps to cut through correlation and regression problems among product parameters. It is based on a conjecture that whenever the customer is happy with the product, she is happy with its parameters as well. This method combines general customer satisfaction levels with the product parameters.

Color tests

is a psychological method which conects customer experience to feelings, moods by the means of association. It comes in handy whenever the true customer experience is likely to be obscured by self-serving biases or lack of verbal abilities.


Finding out about how to communicate

We offer a range of tests of controlled communication (tests of several advertising campaign variants), measurements of campaign efficiency and effectiveness (pre-tests and post-tests). More importantly, we then investigate the effect of the campaign on the brand awareness and brand image among people. The current boost in electronic media is reflected in a rapidly growing number of projects monitoring discussion forums and listening of social media. where we pay attention particularly to the occurrence of and attitude (sentiment) towards the brand.

Share of Voice / Share of Noise

another measure that shows the share of population hit by the campaign, their response and conversion to sales.

Aided / Unaided Brand awareness, Share of Mind, Top of Mind

are cascade measures of brand awareness. Top of Mind is the most valueable as it is th first brand the respondent recalls. Unaided awareness comes in second because it shows spontaneous awareness. Aided awareness is both less reliable and desirable of a measure but nevertheless should be included in the survey.

Concept test

a way to separate the good ideas from the bad. Mostly this is achieved through qualitative sessions but lately we have successfuly applied the prediction market method to do exactly the same job with less hastle.

Recall test

a quantitative measure of campaign success. The recall levels are supported by audio, video or other media. We have developed a number of simple methods that reveal the strenght of recall. (measuring reaction times, composing advert story from screenshots)

Eye Camera

a hardware intensive and equally insightful method which shows the points of visual attention. Particularly apt for website, package and merchandise testing.


Services for research agencies

Owing to strict quality checks and control regarding the data collection we have become a preferred sub-contractor for other research agencies. This most often applies to CATI, CAWI and CAPI data for those with no collection facilities of their own.
You will find Millward Brown and many advertising and media agencies among our clients in the Czech Republic. It is not seldom that we collect data for multinational agencies including those which have their representations and affiliates in the country. We also work for agencies-specialists in pharmaceutical and medical research.


We did business with both the big fish and the small ones. A lot of them are coming back for more.